Jan 1, 2011

Are we heading World War III

    Hey you hear me Big Shots, hold the horses, calm down or we all gonna suffer through a new great war. About 96 years ago the Great war broke as Austria declared War on Serbia. The trigger of that war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo Serbia. The Habsburg Empire put an ultimatum to the Serbian authorities, which decided to call the challenge and the armies start marching in Europe
So we can turn on our gadgets and watch the feud between the parliament members of Austria and Turkey in reality. 
   They blame each other culture in loud voices. The signs of smoke are now in the air, I can smell it, you should too. Maybe The Turkish and the Persian leaders wanted to drive the huge History wheel in reverse to the middle ages as  The Ottoman Empire ruled most of Central Europe and was halted by the Wien walls at 1683, not so far away.
The press and the other media might play their roll by adding the oil and the Defense Industry will bring the matches and the fire will start.

    WW3 will not be as WW2 or the first Gulf War and second Campaign to Iraq. The war will be based on riffles and explosives not tanks and missiles. The Muslims troops are almost invading Europe they need only to assemble the army of teen ages eager to burn everything in Europe. Using the net and the Cellular network they can get directions and orders from their leaders who were hiding safely far away in their palaces.
So the Europe governments should wake up in order to prevent the Muslims to organize in the European cities and countries. The leaders should be determined with their goals to the end of the day. The Authorities of Europe must smash the Muslim Barbarian code of behavior they should force the new comers to join the local culture and leave behind the barbarian, or they will be transfer to their Prophet lands.
   As the Austrian parliament member Ewald Stadler said "you came here with your Stone Age behavior". Muslim women slaughter cause of family honor must be stopped and punished. The preaching for violence in the Mosques by the Imams will be forbidden.  
Watch the videos below and judge the following frames of the new history.

Austrian MP  Ewald Stadler in Wien

And on the other side in Ankara


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