Jan 26, 2017

How To Save Ten Grands

A dozen years ago I traveled all the way down to Ushuaia to pick a two weeks trip to Antarctica. some misunderstanding canceled my booking and we stayed ashore. We enjoyed four wonderful days in the area, we should stay two more days. one afternoon we join a trip along the Beagle Channel a round trip of about 400 km. the boat was brand new and equipped luxury. we enjoyed the scene finally we arrived to the Penguins Island. 
On the way back, the sea rumbled and we respect Neptune for letting us return safely to Ushuaia. just to paint the picture I must tell you that all the bottles on the bar were smashed. I asked the skipper why they didn't canceled that trip if they had the weather forecast, but you know they must be used to that, and a dollar is a dollar.

Anyway today I watched some great photography expedition clips which make me happy watching them. so if you spare sixty minutes you will save Ten Grands and two weeks on board, time is money eh?.

A Joshua Holko Photography Expedition to The Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica

Here Richard Sidey share his photographs
Here Joshua Holko share his photographs