Dec 26, 2010

Welcome to Fat Meir's kitchen

Fat Meir's kitchen is a voluntary project, providing hot meals to the children in the neighborhood. The kitchen is located in Bat Yam, Israel and is supported by donations and by cooking lectures.
Meir the fat dedicate his days cooking and serving food to the pupils for a better future.

Every day, the Kitchen delivers hundreds of sandwiches to schools, feeding children who were sent  to school without a meal. Meir's kitchen serves also hot lunches to children who arrive at the kitchen. The kitchen also provides them with the opportunity and facilities to prepare their homework and play with their friends.

I know that they are many volunteers like him all over the world, but here in Israel the Social security got a very low budget, cause Israel spent over 30% of the GNP on defence and the government and the municipal authorities have a shrunken budget. So they rely on donations and sponsers. Meanwhile I'm typing  this post my thoughts brought me an association about the poor orphan Oliver Twist (Charles Dickens) which need to steal to survive. I hope the community will help the poor children and prevent them to sink in the crime mud.

Please step in the Meir's site and may be you can help bringing some happiness to the children under Meir's apron.