Apr 1, 2014

Chicken Game In The Ocean

This joke we use to tell many years ago, and to tell the true I really forgot all about it.
Last week I received this joke and I would like to share it, cause of the moral "Every Captain is a professionalist as far he is sober"

A-853 (Spanish-American encounter recapped by a Russian Americanist Mikhail Zadornov)


An ALLEGED conversation between Americans and Galicians recorded off the coast of Finisterre, Galicia. source
<Transmission begins>
"This is A-853, please change your course 15 degrees South to avoid colliding with us. You are coming straight towards us, distance 25 nautical miles."

"We recommend that you change your course 15 degrees North to avoid a collision."

"Negative. We repeat, change your course 15 degrees south to avoid a collision."

"You are talking to the captain of a ship of the United States of America. We insist you turn your course 15 degrees North to avoid a collision."

"We do not consider that feasible or advisable, we suggest that you change your course 15 degrees South to avoid colliding with us."

American (very angry):
"You are talking to Captain Richard James Howard, at the bridge of the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln of the USA Navy, the second biggest warship of the North American fleet. We are escorted by two battleships, three destroyers, five cruisers, four submarines and numerous amphibious support vessels. I am not suggesting, I am ordering you to change your course 15 degrees North! Otherwise we will be forced to take any measures necessary to guarantee both the safety of this ship and the force of this coalition. You belong to an allied country and a member of NATO, so obey immediately and get out of our way!"

"You are speaking to Jose Manuel Otero-Rivas. We are two people. We are escorted by our dog, our food, two beers and a canary that is currently asleep.  We have the support of Radio Coruňa FM and Channel 16 for marine emergencies. We are not intending to move anywhere as we are speaking to you from the mainland, from lighthouse A-853 of Finisterre on the coast of Galicia, and we don’t have a f*cking clue what our ranking is of Spanish lighthouses.
You may take whatever measures you consider opportune and bloody well feel like to guarantee the safety of your goddamn ship, which is about to shred itself on the rocks, but what we continue to insist and suggest as the best, most sane and more recommendable course of action, is to turn 15 degrees South to avoid colliding with us."

"OK. Received. Thank you."

<End of transmission>

Gallegos y Norteamericanos