Jul 14, 2014

Inspector Jacques Clouseau Quest

Inspector Jacques Clouseau investigated the theft of the jewelry in the hotel. the woman told him that her husband closed the jewelry in the safe and left her the safe code on piece of paper, but she has no idea how to open the safe. the instructions are: 
1. The code is compound from different four digits.
2. If we will add to the code the number 5355 we will receive the code in reversal digits.
3. Clue: The code is situated in the field of plus minus 200 year from the demolition of the Bastille.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau investigate the staff, and none of them know the meaning of the Bastille. his conclusion, that all are innocent, so who open the safe?
Can you help Inspector Clouseau to open the safe?   
Inspector Jacques Clouseau