Jan 30, 2011

My Uncle's Farm

    Uncle Tomas always promised to come over visiting us. So twenty years ago he arrived at our farm and my Dad showed him the farm, "oh Mart. you have a pretty small farm" said uncle Tomas, "my farm is so huge you will drive almost two days to go around the farm"  "I had sold that kind of car, ten years ago" replied my Dad.
Watch Mr. Bean's Car
   So while watching that clip, I remembered  how once a Police Officer halted us telling my Dad, "you were driving your car 65 mph instead of 50 mph", Grandma went out of the car and talked to the PO, "Sir, God bless you, give my son a ticket  driving 95 mph, cause I want him to learn a lesson".  Three months after at court the Judge asked Dad "Give me an excuse why had you driven your car 95 mph?" Dad replied "Sir, can we walk out and have a look on my car?", The Judge went out to the parking place, were Dad showed him the car and asked, "do you believe this old car can run 95 mph?"

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