Jan 19, 2011

Peggy is in the kitchen

   I believe that all of the readers enjoyed the famous movie "Scent of a Woman" (Al Pacino) if you didn't  see the movie, I recommend you watch this wonderful movie, as soon as possible. So back to the movie. Al Pacino as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade plays the role of a blind and arrogant Ranger's veteran. The movie production, hired Jeff "the Ostrich", a famous blind and arrogant man, to instruct Al Pacino. Al and Jeff were together for three weeks in training.
    On the first day they had lunch in the famous "Rose restaurant" in New York. As the waiter arrived with the menu and saw the two blind men, he put away the menus and asked them "what would  you like for lunch". Jeff told the waiter, "just go and stab with a fork, each of your best dishes of the day, and bring me the three forks, I will smell and decide". So after a couple of moments the waiter returned bringing the three forks. Jeff smelled each of them and finally said "bring us please that nice Sword fish dish".
    The day after, Al and Jeff navigated again their way into the "Rose restaurant", the waiter now recognized them and he brought Jeff three forks, Jeff smelled them a little longer and said "Okay, that Sword Fish dish we ate yesterday. So let's take the smoked eel dish" The waiter was amazed by Jeff's smelling analytical skills. On the third day, as the two blind fellows came in, the waiter called over Rose the owner.
     The waiter asked Al and Jeff "what would you like to have?" "As usual" said Jeff, bring me the three forks. Rose stabbed two forks one in a "roast pork dish" and the other in a "carp fish dish" and the last fork she slid between Peggy's (the cook) legs. Rose handed the three forks to the blind man, smiling under her mustache, Jeff smelled the first fork saying "roasted pork not for me, maybe Al you take it" then he smelled the second and the third forks and suddenly start to smile and shouted loudly "hey Peggy come to Daddy"



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