Jan 31, 2011

Fishermen Tales

I -   Every Friday night Alex told Alice his wife he went fishing with his friends at the lake, for the whole night. Last Friday his mother Rita got a stroke and was hospitalized at the New England Medical Center. Alice tried to call Alex but she couldn't get him. Alice went to the Fishman's pier looking for Alex. Alice finally saw in the darkness his friends Brad, Carl and Dean. Where is Alex she demanded, "Oh Alex didn't come anymore fishing with us" replied Dean. The next day Alice kicked Alex out of her house.
II - Every Friday night Brad told Betty his wife he went fishing with his friends at the lake, for the whole night. Last Friday, as the friend came to the pier, they decided to return back home because the stormy weather. Brad opened the door and saw the babysitter Tracey sitting on the sofa watching TV. "What are you doing here?" asked Brad. Tracey told him she came here every Friday night at 20:30 p.m. Brad sent Tracey away and was waiting for Betty.
III – Alex, Brad, Carl and Dean went to an ice fishing camp. As they assembled together, Alex told his story "I promised Alice a new car, and she let me out going fishing with you". Then Brad told them he promised Betty, a nice Diamond. Carl let his wife out for a vacation in Thailand. Dean start unpacking his gear, when Alex asked him "what about you Dean? you haven't said anything" Dean replied" I just set my alarm for 4:30 a.m. I hugged Daisy a and said, "Fishing or Sex" and she replied, "Go, but don't wear the new coat"
Great Shark - Arctic

IV – The four friends Earl, Fred, Glen and Harry have been going each year for deep sea fishing campaign. A week before the vacation, Earl's wife Ella prevented him from going to the fishing Adventure, "lets join a cruise for a week" Ella suggested. Earl told his friends, he will not join them this time. Next week, as Fred, Glen and Harry arrived to the pier to take the boat, they saw Earl smoking a cigar and chatting with their guide.
   Harry asked Earl "What's up, and how did you convinced her into letting you come with us?"
"Yesterday evening, I was watching my program and Ella came in and teasing me with her brand new underwear. Ella pulled me to our bedroom. The room was lighted with candles and incense sticks all over. On the bed I saw handcuffs, Ella reminds me today is our anniversary and she like to test something new. Ella ordered me "cuff my hands and legs to the bed", and then she said, “Do whatever you want." So, that's how I am here.

V – Earl and his friends were fishing by the river as Glen's cell phone called. "It was Gail, reminding me, today is our anniversary" explained Glen. "Can you tell me how all women remember those days and we men couldn't?" asked Earl. Fred put away his rod, and said "tell me my friend do you remember your first fish you hooked?" "Of course" the three replied, "but the fish didn't" said Fred.

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