Dec 24, 2012

Mercy During War

Aerial Chivalry -The Story of Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler 

My Friend told me that incredible story about a German pilot who play a honored game during WW2. that's remind me also the story about the 1914 'football truce' anniversary 
 Encountering a mortally-wounded B-17 limping back to England, Luftwaffe ace Franz Stigler anticipated an easy kill and another opportunity to avenge his brother’s death at the opening of WWII. As he approached the virtually helpless American plane, however, he saw the faces of the dead and wounded crewmen. Then, Stigler’s eyes met those of pilot Charles Brown. Despite the potentially severe consequences of letting an enemy plane escape, Stigler felt that he had to answer a higher call of honor . . . mercy.

Expecting the worst at any moment, Brown marveled as the enemy Bf-109 stuck with him to the North Sea. His adversary then saluted and veered away, allowing the astonished Brown to journey safely home. With this encounter engraved into the minds of both pilots for decades after the war’s end, the two men remarkably located one another in 1990. In the years that followed, their friendship developed to the point where Stigler considered Brown to be as precious as the brother he had lost. Source

Dec 7, 2012

Polish Pizza

     Mark (Polish) ordered a family size pizza. "Shall I slice it into sixteen or eight slices?" asked him the seller. Mark replies "Please slice it into eight, I will not be able to eat sixteen"

Aussie Humor? The Dalai Lama, is not at his age and his English is "Tibetish"