Jan 13, 2011

January Jokes

On the other Side  
   For 25 years every day Jeff ate regularly at "Rose Deli". Jeff was an honored customer and had his own reserved table. He was loved by everyone and was generous to all the staff. Rose, the owner loved Jeff too. One day Jeff didn't show at his regular time. Rose was worried a bit but then got busy and forgot about  Jeff  absence.
   The next day no Jeff now Rose was worried she phoned Jeff's house and got no answer. She even called a few local hospitals . Rose couldn't sleep that night wondering what had happened. Next day again no Jeff! Now Rose was really concerned and just as she was about to call the cops she glanced out the window and saw Jeff going into "Chong's Deli" across the street. 
Rose took off out the door and raced across the street and hold Jeff's coat just as he was sitting down. Rose screamed, "where the hell have you been! I lost sleep and spent good money phoning around about you, and what are you doing here at Chong's, you know he's my competitor.

   Jeff looked at Rose and said calmly, "calm down Rose, calm down, you'll be having a heart attack. I'll be telling you what happened okay. I went to the dentist three days ago and had an emergency treatment. The dentist gave me some pills and said  'Jeff, for a few days eat on the other side'".

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