Jan 16, 2011

Monkey vs Tiger

   A lion and a tiger were dozing off under a huge tree at the edge of the jungle. After a while, a young monkey settled on a branch just over their heads and started teasing the lion. The monkey threw a few coconuts which some hit the lion. The lion roared and moved to a new location under the next tree, but with a minute passing by and the monkey moved too, and continued along with its game. The monkey started to scream, as well, loud like hell. The tiger asked the lion "do something to stop the devil monkey". The lion whispered tiredly back "leave him, it's nothing we can do about, and he will leave us". The tiger told the lion to watch him, cause he is gonna to teach the rude monkey a nice lesson. The lion warned the tiger once again to leave the monkey, but the tiger jumped off and climbed the tree chasing the rude monkey away. 
  The chase was up the trees and down, from one branch to another, on the ground, and again to off to another tree. After a few moments of chasing the tiger got tired, but he almost managed to catch the monkey, which finally tricked him inside a narrow cave, the tiger tried to push himself into the cave chasing the monkey, but suddenly  the tiger got stuck and couldn't move further, nor back, he was trapped!!!.  Then the tiger heard the monkey right behind him, and the monkey started screwing him, the monkey also screamed till all the other monkeys from his herd had arrived, and now they all were screwing the poor tiger. After a couple of days the tiger had succeeded to release himself from the trap and returned to the lion's place. The lion asked him about the chase, and the tiger told him all about and that, he almost caught the devil. Then the lion asked "did he bring you to the cave?"
                                   Watch the story also on video part 1 
         Sorry but part 2 (The cave scene) is now in process!!!!

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