Jan 27, 2011

The new Teacher

Today I will recommend on a nice TV film  The Ron Clark Story based on his real life experience. Mr. Ron Clark the educator, struggled in order to change the attitude of the pupils. I hope that all over the world his message will be accepted and many teachers (and school managers) will imitate him and return to educate and not only to push the stuff like goose feeding. Watch the attached trailer and I hope you will have access to that movie.
     So our main problem during the last fifty years is discipline, the pupils became rude and they are making fun of their parents, the teachers and the whole system.  And my blog is based on humor I add here some dirty joke which shows the real rude behavior of the pupils.
Mrs. Brown graduated college and started working as a teacher, at a public school. Every morning while reading the pupils names, when she arrived to Al Terris he replied "sit on my p*nis" so after a week she came asking Mr. Clarks advise, he told her be smart and change the routine call him Terris Al. so the day after as she called Terris Al the rude replied "sit as usual"
The trailer for "The Ron Clark Story" (The Triumph)
 Spanish subtitles
Some rude pupils

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