Mar 29, 2013

Two Great Stories

I connected two great stories which may brought me releasing two tears. These stories are the proof that the Lord is supporting each of us. Just be brave and honest, and you will get your reward, here and now.

The first story is about the homeless which we hope he will never return to the streets.

Billy Ray Harris, homeless man who returned diamond ring that fell in his beggar’s cup, finally reunited with his family Donations hit $183K for homeless Good Samaritan who turned down $4K to sell ring to jeweler.

Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man who garnered national attention for returning a woman’s diamond and platinum ring, reunited with his sister, left, on Sunday after 16 years apart. Source

A homeless man who made headlines for returning a diamond and platinum engagement ring to a woman who accidentally dropped it in his beggar's cup has finally reunited with his long-lost family face-to-face.
"I never would've thought this," Billy Ray Harris of Kansas City, Mo., said during a joyous reunion with his siblings on the "Today" show on Sunday. "This was a total shock."
Harris, 55, hadn't seen his relatives in nearly 16 years when he committed his life-changing good deed.
"I'd been worried sick about my family since the last time I saw them," Harris told "I totally lost contact with them back in the 90's…I was kind of down in the dumps, and on the verge of giving up." Harris was planning to finally see his family in person this summer, but the “Today” show decided to speed up the reunion.
That all changed, however, when Sarah Darling's ring fell in his cup on Feb. 8.
A jeweler offered him $4,000 for the rock. But instead of selling the treasured token, he held onto it and returned it to Darling and her husband the next day, sparking a hailstorm of media coverage.
Harris' sister, Robin Harris Williams, saw reports on Harris's selfless gesture and immediately recognized him as her brother.

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The other story is about Tim Harris. 
p.s. Hey did you pay attention both names is Harris?

Tim born in 1986 with Down Syndrome. But he had a dream to run a restaurant. It looks he will be the pioneer of the groups of children blessed by God which might find themselves creating a new life. no more closed in their rooms but working and contributing to the communities and their families.

Tim's Place, Restaurant Run By 26-Year-Old With Down Syndrome, Serves Hugs With Lunch. Source

Tim Harris was born with Down syndrome and his father, Keith, admits that acceptance didn't come easily at first."Our pediatrician asked me if I knew what Down syndrome was, and the world turned black at that moment," he told CBS News.
But over the years, Keith's attitude shifted.
"Tim is the second of four boys, and when he was growing up, we saw the challenges that his disability presented socially,” Keith told Albuquerque The Magazine in February. “We started to ponder when he was young about his future and made the choice that we wanted to create a life for him that was as close to typical as possible.”
Thanks to his parents' faith and support, Harris has not only accomplished the typical, but he's also made the world a little bit more extraordinary.
Today, Harris is the proud owner of Tim's Place, a successful -- and unique -- restaurant in Albuquerque, N.M.
Other than selling regular New Mexican fare, Tim's Place has a trademark special. It's called the Tim Hug -— a "calorie-free" and "guilt-free" treat that, according to the menu description, guarantees to "improve your lease on life."
"I love giving all the customers a hug because I want them to feel comfortable and connected and being around friends,” Harris told Albuquerque The Magazine.
Tim's Place, which calls itself the "world's friendliest restaurant" opened its doors in 2010 and since then, Tim has given out more than 19,000 hugs. He keeps track using a Hug Counter.
“Tim has this unique quality where he is happy literally every day,” Jeanne, Harris' mother, told KRQE News 13 earlier this year.
“Ever since I stopped in after reading the ‘Now Open’ sign, I’ve been coming here once a week,” said Michelle Garth-Jones, a Tim's Place regular. “I love local restaurants, and this particular one has a story that stays with you."
According to CBS News, Harris is probably the only restaurant owner with Down syndrome in the United States.
Only 26, Harris -- a college graduate -- is also an accomplished Special Olympian, an excellent sailor and an experienced offshore fisherman. In high school, Harris was also elected homecoming king and Student Of The Year.
Harris and his family said they hope his example will serve to inspire others.

Mar 16, 2013

Fishing A Lamb

Just two Norwegian guys rescuing a baby lamb drowning in the ocean. Source

The water were freezing, they need something to recover their effort.


Mar 15, 2013

The New Smartphone Application

The need create an invention. Here is my new smartphone application the sex relaxer, or as you know the unisex vibrator.

Survey Finds One-Third of Americans More Willing to Give  Up Sex Than Their Mobile Phones! TeleNav survey examines Americans' attachment to mobile phones; finds iPhone users are least willing to let go of their devices


Mar 11, 2013

The Broom

   One of my childhood memories is my red head friend Sean. Every night in the summer time after we got bored of our games we use to run funny stories but especially we love running naughty jokes. Sean who was the elder boy knows everything about women and sex and we love to hear again and again his stories.
Little Johnny went with his Mom to the Walmart store, as usual he ask his Mom to buy him a toy, but this time she refused. Little Johnny start crying, threw himself on the floor and scream "I need it, you never bought me a toy" Mom try to calm him offering him sweeties and than he raised his eyes. His Mom never wear underwear....
Here Sean described what little Johnny saw, a nice curled bush.
Little Johnny: "Mom what is that curled hair bush?"
Mom: "That's our broom"
Little Johnny: "Broom?, and where is the broomstick?"
Mom: "Dear, when we return home, remind me to ask Dad to help me cleaning"

From this day we gave Sean a nickname "The Broom"  

Mar 8, 2013


In the last three months I enjoyed watching some great TV series, and I hope you will chew them as I do. no matter where you live, I believe your local VOD supplier or your local TV cables will let you watch these series.
My way for binge-watching is using the FF play and RR buttons. so I forward boring episodes and save about half time. Just imagine 12 episodes per season in six hours.

The first was "Lost" 

Me after the second season got bored, but I love the characters and the sub-episodes so I continue watching it to the end, but I will not blame you if you give up after the second season. Just have fun.
The UK version - promo

Now my friend Andy told me about "Shameless"  so I watch both the UK and the US version. To tell the true I prefer the UK TV series, please no hard feeling. when I had a real hard day, I enter and watch my favorite episodes that's make me feel much better.

Shameless UK - Trailer

Now to another TV Series "Dexter" based on the motive of the Punisher who obeys  the old Hammurabi Codex  I'm sure it will fascinate you at least for three seasons.

Dexter Season 1 - Trailer.

I'm sure we can add more great TV series, I hate reality cause they are all faked.
So brand new another American production of the Brit TV series of the 90's
House of Cards
That's a great DIY Tutorial if you intend to became a congressman "whip" in your country.
you must see it non stop so you will be able to play the real game. of course life isn't so easy but the old strategy scratch my back and I will scratch yours always works.
My impression is that the Apple Inc must be sponsoring that TV Series cause they are advertising all along the episodes the Apple products.

 The main team.......action around the clock, he is quick and bold.

The congressman and his right hand reminds me Don Quixote and Sancho Panza......

now if you want to start binge-watching you have a lot of entertainment, just have fun.