Jan 13, 2011

Broken Back-Axle

   My Grandpa traveled his old Rolls-Royce crossing the Sahara desert, after about fifty miles his driver told him "something is wrong with the transmission" a few minutes later they heard squeaks sounds from behind and the vehicle had stopped at once. Gilbert the driver bent down examining the car and returned saying "the Back-Axle is broken". 

At 1957 no Satellite phones, nor cell phones were around. So Gilbert left Grandpa and walked to the nearest town calling for help. Gilbert was a smart fellow and made a long distance call to London, to the Rolls-Royce Customer Support, reporting the situation.
   In Three days later a huge helicopter landed near the vehicle and a team of three technicians start replacing the broken Axle, with a brand  new Back Axle. Grandpa was so amazed  by the Company's team which left the place, without charging him a penny.
    When Grandpa arrived his destination, he phoned to the the Rolls-Royce Customer Support office, and told them he's the owner of the car which was fixed a few days ago at the Sahara Desert, and asked for the bill? "Sir", they answered "we do not know what  are you talking about?"
Grandpa said "Oh my Rolls-Royce Back Axle was broken, you sent a team of technicians with a brand new Axle, so how much is the bill?.
Sir, the Chief Engineer said to Grandpa, we do not have any records mentioning  your case, we never heard about a broken Back-Axle in a Rolls-Royce "

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  1. wow, Thank you for sharing this story,,,Miracle happens when you least expect it.

    All is well