Jan 3, 2011

The 100 days Challenge

    100 visitors from 100 countries within 100 days
    I always wonder about the ability of an email chain to spread out within the country lines and into to the rest of the world. So we start a new game, lets push our Flag  to the summit. Each visitor will participate the game by asking his friends to participate too. 
   The average person is using  a filter when he forward a message to their recipients. Most people have several recipient categories, but on the average they have 8-12 "pen friends" which are receiving the mails and at their turn they again make a decision to continue or break the link. Each level reach new social circles and etc. In huge organizations, the average mail list may contain 20-25 members which can push the stuff to vast circles . In  huge organizations the amount of mails running here and there looks like the flood. And most of the staff are spending many hours investigating the "social" mails, off course they are the leaders for moving the mail chains . I play games on the net and when my opponent does not reply I know his boss is smelling around. 
   Some of the people's email boxes are exploding of stuff, and they do not pay any attention to your messages. These type of recipients always break the chain, but each of us are acquainted with these recipients and we must call them to pay attention in case we need their action. Some of the people are eager to get at least few emails per day and they are the pushers of the chain, to help it continue.
    Each of us get his close circle of "pen friends" with whom he/she shares the jokes, the XXXmails, the gossip messages from the office and the celebs  etc. 
   I start conducting an experimental test, to follow up the spreading messages around the world. So if you get an invitation to my blog please participate this experiment, and ask your friends to step in and also to invite their recipients to visit my blog. The challenge is to bring in to my blog at least 100 visitors from 100 countries within 100 days. I need your help to push this chain by calling your friends to visit my blog and encourage them to continue with their "pen friends"
  With today technology this challenge is much easier than seven years ago when I conduct it in my country. Today's tools are performing behind any expectation in more than 90% of the  countries in the world. So one might see his message spreading from Tokyo, Japan to Timbuctoo, Mali (Tim_book_two) just as a product of the net.

   So come and visit us, ask your friends to participate the game too and you will be proud of carrying your country flag top hill, come again to followup where is your country Flag located. I hope you will like to visit my blog again at least once a week when the best funny posts will be created.
The experiment due date will be on Apr. 30 2011. 

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