Nov 18, 2018

The Jewish Treasure

What a great day, today I find a treasure. a batch of Jewish folk song performed in the Yiddish language with lyrics and with subtitles English translation. I am sure all of you will enjoy it and maybe you will be able to understand Yiddish after listening to these songs.
lets start fetching the list of links.

1. Hert oys gute brider (Mir voyle yingelekh) - Prostitution and white slavery in Buenos Aires.
2. Di libe fun a heylike mame - The Love of a Holly Mother - Yiddish singalong tearjerker tango.
3. Ikh vil zikh shpiln (I want to play) - a Yiddish theater song excerpt.
4. Lebedik Yankel (Lively Jack) - excerpt from a Yiddish hit of 1930.
5. Mayn vayb kumt fun zakopane (My wife's coming back) Yiddish lament.
6. Keyn glikn hob ikh dir nit tsugezogt (I Never Promised You Any Happiness) Yiddish snark (excerpt).
7. Khsidemlekh zingen (The Chasids are Singing) - Yiddish theater song tango (excerpt).
8. A kidushin ringele (An Engagement Ring) - Yiddish theater song.
9. Katarina (a happy song in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Russian).
10. In drerd dos shnayderay (To Hell with the Tailoring Business) a Yiddish singalong (excerpt).
11. In a hoyz vu men veynt un men lakht (In a house where you laugh and cry) - a Jewish brothel.
12. Af a maskn bal (At the Masquerade Ball) - a Yiddish theater song excerpt.

13. Der balegole (The Coachman) - A Yiddish Theater song excerpt.
14.Ikh un du a porele - a Yiddish love song (excerpt).