Jan 27, 2011

Weight watchers? - Portugal

    I was acquainted to the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain , but Rafa my friend sent me, an Email last year and informed me about an unknown folklore carnival called Touradas e Marradas in Portugal. Here the bulls are controlled by a long rope, guided by five to eight mans. Watch also the horns, which were filed and covered by special cups. The bulls were not slaughtered during or after the carnival. I enjoyed watching these clips and I would like to share them with you. So to me they looks like Weight watchers which might lose weight may be 30 pounds in three days?  On the other hand I don't want to call them names eh?  The expression Marradas (hitted by a Bull's horns) make me also an association with Hemorróidas (Portuguese) or  Hemorrhoids, so maybe that their concept healing Hemorrhoids.
The Bull carnival in Portugal.
 Running the bulls in Pamplona-Spain
The latest clip, how can they get up with broken ribs?

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