Nov 28, 2011

How to avoid Parkinson's

My friend the director sent me a great idea, how to avoid Parkinson's Disease. We shall practice our fingers as shown in the clips below, to the rest of our life, for six minutes per day.
Now how much time it will take you to count these stack?

Nov 25, 2011

Sloppy and Funny

  My friend Danny collected these funny clips, lets have fun. But please beware, most drivers today didn't drive. They just operating their smartphones. Don't save money on sloppy fixings.
Wheel replacement might be dangerous.
More Stupid People

How to fix your wife

Nov 20, 2011

Try To Remember Your Childhood

   I am working on a new project of comparing outdoor children games around the world. I searched the Wikipedia and other sites and now I expect you to send me your neighborhood special games. Each of you about his memories regarding the street games you used to play. some games are almost the same all over the world.

  Can you explain the phenomenon that every year we were playing the same outdoor games that have changed at regular intervals. We started playing marbles at the beginning of the school year, then we start whipping the Peg Tops or Trompo, I was a master of that game the role was to hit the other players Tops. In the old days we use a string to spin the tops, today the kids are using mechanical and electric devices to spin, or they are playing that game as a computer game. For for further reading about Tops see also the International Top Spinners Association  


then we turn into the season when we all play hopscotch, we mostly play one or two variants.

And so on, at the afternoons we used to play in the streets hopscotch, tag with two or three variants and at the evening we always play hide and seek in my neighborhood we use also cork guns and we call it "Hands-up". At school we play girls chasing the boys, sometimes we let them caught all of us, and now we the boys were chasing the girls. As children, the years proceed very slowly, oh boy homework and school, till we got the next holiday. Now the weeks are passing so fast and we become older within less then a year LOL. Very slowly we came to the end of another year, and  about a month before the summer holiday we always used to play Knuclebones (five stones). I have no explanation why not in any other time.


Slingshots and bows are very dangerous games kids might be hurt by them,  but as a kid I remember endless "hunting campaigns" shooting doves. But mainly we were shooting cans and bottles.
As a child I used to collect stamps, Grandpa and uncle Tomas were corresponding with philatelists around the world in Esperanto. I start collecting stamps too, but not any more. I used to collect stamps of sports and Olympic games category. So now as my interest changed into street games I will collect these stamps on my blog. If any of you will help he will be honored.
First are all the stamps from that site Universal Postal Union UPU - link

Ball Games






  Slingshots and Arrows

   Stick Games

   Tag Games

Tops and String Toys


Some Odd Games I never played,
I just read about it now while checking the stamps. see link 
Calva , Chave and Chito - Link: are traditional games played in certain parts of Spain.