Jan 2, 2011

The Monthly Joke Archives

    Business is business (Jan. 2011)

    The teacher said to the class of 6 years old, "I'll give $10 to the child who can tell me who was the most famous man who ever lived."
    A little Irish boy put his hand up and said, "It was . "St.Patrick"

The teacher said, "I'm sorry Sean, that's not correct."
    Then a Russian boy put his hand up and said, "It was Lenin." The teacher replied, "I'm sorry, Peter, that's not right either."
    Finally a little Chinese boy raised his hand and said, "It was Jesus Christ."
The teacher said, "That's absolutely right, Chen. Come up here and I'll give you the $10."
As the teacher was giving Chen his money, she said, "You know, Chen, since you're Chinese, I was very surprised you said 'Jesus Christ.'"
Chen replied, "Yeah. In my heart, I knew it was Budha -- but "business is business."

   Don't Come Back!!! (Dec 2010)
John is studying in the west as he is calling his mom:
John: Mom, I have AIDS!!!.
Mother: Don't come back my son .
John: Why Mom?
Mother: If you come back then your wife will be infected.
From your wife to your brother, from your brother to our maid, 
from our maid to your dad, from your dad to my sister 
and from my sister to her husband, from him to me 
and from me to our driver, from our driver to your sister
and if your sister got AIDS, then...the whole village will be infected ! 
So in the name of God please save our village, don't come back!!!

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