May 26, 2011

Snap and Clap

    My friend Schwartz has one of the smallest private part you may imagine. He tried everything he spent a fortune on treatments and features but as you know it refused to change.
One day Schwartz was fishing at the lake, that day must be his bad day. he was not fishing any fish. he was pissed off and was ready to leave, when eventually he fish a strange fish. The fish starts speaking to him out of the water "I am the son of the Golden Fish, let me free and I will fulfill your wish". Schwartz didn't hesitate and asked the golden fish to make a miracle to his private part. The Golden fish waved his tail twice and instructed him "Snap your fingers one time and it will grew up by one inch, snapping twice will elongate it two inch and you may snap as long as you wish. but remember when you clap your hands once it will decrease by an inch Okay now let me free for God sake". Schwartz played all that night checking his new instrument. he was snapping and clapping and it was working.
Snap your fingers

    The next day Schwartz entered the best club in town. he was sitting on the Bar boozing his second Black Russian, when Dee came close and whispered in his ear "today is your lucky day man". Dee grabbed Schwartz by the arm to the second floor and after throwing her dress she called him to join him in bed.
    Dee never saw such a penis, she tried her best to grow it without success "hey man what happened to your tail, have you been with a woman before?" but then Schwartz snapped his fingers five times and the instrument elongate to six inch. "O boy" Dee said "I had never saw such a miracle before". Schwartz continued to pump up his tail by four more quick snaps and Dee cried "stop it for God sake" then Schwartz clap his hands twice and the instrument decreased as promised.
   Dee was really astonished by this, she never saw such an instrument. "come to mom" she told him. After they were connected Schwartz stayed still, "move man" ordered him Dee. Schwartz then start snapping and clapping, Chick Chuck, Chick Chuck.

Snap N Clap

Snap And Clap Sex

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