May 22, 2011

Hells Bells - The Discovery

    God Bless America, millions of man hours  were invested in the space program and we are still crawling at low speeds. Maybe at the coming years new technologies will be developed so we would be able to cruise at ten percent of light speeds. But meanwhile lets salute to the great people working for so many years pushing the space shuttle program.

That's remind me the unknown story about the USA astronaut Neil Armstrong who was the first man who landed on the moon, at July 20,1969. The whole world listen to his famause quote "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." but he also whispered  "Enjoy the Lollipop Mrs. Goldenberg". After returning to earth he was asked about that annex and he explained it.
    My next door neighbors the Goldenberg family invited us ones to a party. Abe Goldenberg maybe boozed too much that evening and he told me about his wife Sue, she refused giving him a blowjob. Abe told me she always use to say "when a man will walk on the moon, I will give you a real blowjob". So on my first step on the rocky moon, I remembered Mrs. Goldenberg's promise and I wished her good luck.

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