May 25, 2011

Sex with a Ghost

   A famous science fiction author  conduct a meeting about his new book. He describe very briefly the plot of his book and then he set a question "How many of you believes in ghosts?" About half of the audience raised their hands. He proceeded "and who have seen a ghost?".  Six man and  a dozen women raised their hands. "Fine, has anyone here ever talked to a ghost?". Four man and one woman were raising their hand. The author asked again "Has anyone here ever touched a ghost?" only three man replied "yes" very proudly. "Have any of you ever made love to a ghost?" shout the author in excitement. Silence prevailed around the crowd, no one replied, but finally one teenager raised his hand.
   The author said "Son, you've got to come up here and tell us about your experience." The kid climbed up to the podium, waving to the audience and the author asked "will you describe your feelings to have sex with a ghost?" The kid replied, "Sorry, I thought you said Goats."

The Power of Viagra, is it real or a Ghost?

Believe it or not here is one article about a man having sex with a she-goat


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