Mar 14, 2011

How to hide your baldness

     Why are guys concerned about their baldness? Watch some nutty “cover-ups”. Do you know why guys go bald? Because of extra Testosterone in their system.  So guys, if you are going bald, you should be proud.  Don’t cover up that badge of  masculinity. BUT… guys who go bald on the forehead are "sex lions", those with the bald spot on the back of the head, they’re only thinking too much about sex. So stop thinking all day about sex!!!  DO IT instead.
 Hiding my bald

I call these guys "Bankers"
They are saving and borrowing hair from one spot to the other, watch them.
This man is using special spray.


Watch this man using glue to patch his baldness.

John Travolta talks about baldingin NYC

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