Mar 27, 2011

Golden Fish Jokes

Double Prize
   Bob's used to go Fly-Fishing at the weekends in the Yellowstone National Park rivers. One day he hooked a strange fish, Bob never saw a fish like this. This was a large golden fish about half a pound. As he released the fish from the hook, the fish starts speaking to him. "I am the famous Golden fish from the fairy tale The Fisherman and his Wife Please let me free, put me back in the river and I will reward you with three wishes"
   Bob put the Gold fish into the water and the fish dance around him and proceed "Thank you, now go back home and make your three wishes" Bob starts getting out the water when the fish called him again "I am so old, so I forgot telling you about the condition, each wish you ask your neighbor Tom will get double the wish you asks" (Tom was screwing Bob's wife). Bob told the Golden fish "Thank you for this that's like six wishes"
    Bob hurried back home and told his wife Dee Dee the strange story and she told him "are you gonna nut?" Bob replied "we shall see it in a minute, watch my first wish"
"Well, I can live with that! No problem!" replied the elated Sadie.
"What is your first wish?" asked Dee Dee. Bob whispered "Gold Fish build me a five bedrooms new house" the next minute Bob and Dee Dee looked around on their gorgeous house, but at the other side their neighbor Tom got a ten bedrooms house. "That's not fair" cried Dee Dee.
    "That's our fate" said Bob now for the second wish we need three brand new cars, a Jeep for me, a Cadillac for you Dee Dee and a convertible for our daughter Liz. The next moment all three cars parked in front of the house. Dee Dee cried  "Bob what have you done, look at the Johnson's they got now six brand new cars" "Well, that's okay, watch Mr. Tom he is wandering the miracles" replied Bob.
    Now Bob told his wife "watch carefully at Mr. Johnson, Golden Fish my third and final wish, pull out one of my eyes" on the other side their neighbor Tom shouted "For God sake I am blind"

Golden Fish with only one wish
    Tony was a very poor man he lived in a small fisherman village near Cadiz, Spain. Tony used to feed his family with the fishes he fished each day. One day he catch the Golden fish. Suddenly he heard the fish speaking to him "I am the famous Golden fish from the fairy tale The Fisherman and his Wife Please let me free, put me back in the water and I will reward you with one wish!"
     Tony start arguing "but you should give me three wishes as in the fairy tales!" The Gold fish told him that he will get only one wish "Take it or leave it" So Tony draw out a map from his pocket circled two circles one around Cadiz and the other around Tripoli, Libya. "Gold fish make a route underneath the sea so all the oil of Tripoli will come out in my backyard" The Gold fish cried "Fisherman are you nut? that's a hell of a job I must change a lot of the nature it's almost impossible, please ask a million Bucks or 100 millions but not the oil"
     Tony replied "Okay Gold fish, can you make my wife Isabella gonna give me a blow job for the first time in my life?" "Bring me the map" cried the Gold fish.

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