Mar 8, 2011

The Forklift Operator

I had a dream last night, in which I was operating a huge Yale Forklift, in a gigantic warehouse arranged  like a maze. Very soon I lost my way, but the machine has a button "home" and by pressing it we were navigated back safely. My task was to rearrange the plenty packages which blocked the roads in order to enable the visitors to drive and make their shopings. So my plan was to start cleaning  one of the main roads, and on the first junction making a right turn and so on. The roads and the allies were named after: youtube, Wikipedia, blogs, portals, music, etc. As I examined the customers faces I find they all were desiring to be happy but as more goodies they carry the warehouse was loaded with new stuff and gadgets and the customers became more frustrated looking always for more. By the end of my shift I l loaded sixteen tons of parcelles and driving back to the main gate. And then I waked up by the tweets of my followers which need to get new tweets.  
Forklift Fail (No that's not me)

      Okay so I understood the message and I started collecting some of my tweets which I had made Spontaneously, which means that during the day my minds carried me to unknown places. I am making a left turn, climbing to 17 floor, making a right turn, and down 120 floors and finding myself reading for instance about the morning clouds over Australia, and I am so glad to share that piece of information with you.
      So I collected some of my first 200 tweets arranging them in my blog, hoping that in the coming years some of them will be real.
Here are the most Bizarre people went out for Shopping. The WALMART The guards must prevent people wearing  bizarre clothing or not covering their "nice" body from entering the  stores. Whom to blame the food or the gene?



You can now watch some more clips No 3, 4, 5 etc Have just Fun.



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