Dec 26, 2011

Three Brides Honeymoon

The Polish three brides - Chapter One
My aunt Debra had three daughters Anna, Brenda and Carmella. In order to save money, they were all getting married the same day. that happened about 50 years ago and was told to me by my father. My aunt was an old Polish lady, with a long nose, she use to smell all the world around, you know what I mean. Of course she pushed her nose into her daughters beds and sheets. Kicked away all the lousy men from her house.  She made them all promise to send a telegram from the honeymoon describing their lovemaking.

Anna sent her telegram "Nescafe". Aunt Debra was puzzled, she asked about uncle Tomas, he  went to the kitchen picked the Nescafe can. It said: "Good till the last drop." Aunt Debra loves her smart daughter's message. An hour later the postman handed her another two telegrams from Brenda and from Carmella. Brenda's telegram contains only two words "Pall - Mall", now aunt Debbie knew what to do she went to the kitchen to find the Pall Mall cigarettes pack, she read "Extra Long. King Size". Now aunt Debbie opened, the last telegram from her beloved daughter Carmella. It says "BOAC"

Aunt Debbie gazed on her poster on the wall the ads said: "Three times a day, seven days a week, both ways." Aunt Debbie fainted ....

The Scottish Three Brides - Chapter Two
My other story was told by my friend Gordon about his Scottish neighbors the Mac...y family  
As you know the Scottish people are not really cheapskates, they just famous for their saving ability. So the Mac...y family assembled their three daughters and men and made one wedding ceremony. Scottish mom's must have also a long nose pushing it all over. So Mrs Mac...y made them all promise to send an E-mail describing their lovemaking.

The eldest daughter wrote the message telling her Mom "My husband is a great carpenter. He is using his screwdriver like a professional, he screwed me fast and tight. The youngest daughter's mail came next telling about her experience of the honeymoon "Mom my husband is a plumber and his pipe pumped and drain all my liquids, I am sure he got a two zoll (inch) pipe.

Dee the middle daughter mail says "Mom my husband as you know is a Tire mechanic,
he must be a lousy professional, he filled the bath, put me in and all night he was trying to find the hole"

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