Dec 2, 2011

Born Again

   My friend sent me that clip about the strange story of James Leininger which may be was born with the skill of connecting souls with the American WW2 Pilot James Huston who was killed at 1945, do you believe in reincarnation?. We heard some evidences like that
I recommend reading his story  Soul Survivor written by his parents Bruce and Andrea Leininger. The parents of James Leininger were first puzzled and then disturbed when their two-year-old son began screaming out chilling phrases during recurrent nightmares, such as, "Plane on fire!  Little man can't get out!" The centerpiece of a loving family of three, James was a happy, playful toddler who had only just begun stringing together sentences.  Determined to understand what was happening to their son, Bruce and Andrea set off on a journey of discovery that was to rock them to their core.  For the more they researched the arcane comments and fragmented details little James revealed, the more they were drawn inescapably to a shocking conclusion:  that James was reliving the life of James Huston, a World War II fighter pilot who was killed in the battle for Iwo Jima--over 60 years ago!  - Source

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