Dec 1, 2011

On Hustlers and Burglars

Mr. Fagin introduced his gang of burglars, pickpockets and street hustlers to Oliver twist.
We have here 15 burglars, 12 pickpockets and 13 street hustlers, 5 of them are also burglars and pickpockets, 6 are also burglars and street hustlers and 4 are also pickpockets and street hustlers. Tom and Dee are my deputies they are professionals, they can do all three jobs.
Now Oliver smart kid, how many kids I am leading with out you?

Oliver Twist - By Charles Dickens read online for free - LINK


Sub Total = (15+12+13)=40, now we will subtract the kids with the two "skills" (5+6+4)=15, but now we will add the two deputies which are multi skilled.
Total=40-15+2=27 kids in Mr. Fagin's Gang now Oliver Twist became No 28.

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