Oct 9, 2011

Taxi Driver

   While I was diving in the tubes of YouTube, searching for some materials for my previous post, fortunately I found some great clips made by the Z'AIME team from Benin. There are about 40 episodes, which I choose the most favorite. Even though they speaks French, you will love them as me. 
   The plot is about a Taxi driver running his bike. The boy is working hard to make the money for a four wheel vehicle. But he must be a schlemiel, cause always he finds himself at the mediators desk.
p.s. All the cabs in NYC are yellow, but here all the drivers wears yellow shirts, nice isn't it?.

La grosse dame - Small head but huge ass. Learn more about her ass development.

Z'AIME: Le peteur - Take me to the Toilet ASAP.

Z'AIME : Mini Jupe (Mini Skirt) 

That taxi driver must be an optical engineer or maybe just a voyeur. When we were 7-8 years old, we use mirrors to investigate the colors of our girlfriends underwear. It's always nice to learn some new tricks.

Z'AIME: Changement de cliente - Horny Taxi Driver.


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