Oct 23, 2011

In the Year 2525

   Idiocracy is a 2006 American film, a satirical science fiction comedy, directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, and Terry Crews.

   The film tells the story of two ordinary people who are taken into a top-secret military hibernation experiment which goes awry, and awaken 500 years in the future. They discover that the world has degenerated into a dystopia where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism run rampant and dysgenic pressure has resulted in a uniformly stupid human society devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility and coherent notions of justice and human rights. Rather, this future society emphasizes anti-intellectualism, popularity, sexual attraction, and hedonism. Despite its lack of a major theatrical release, the film has achieved a cult following. source
Idiocracy Trailer

So while watching that film, I remembered the vision which will waiting us 20 years later. I wish you all to live till 2511 and hope to meet you reading my blogs.
In The year 2525
In the year 2525 fantasy clip

In the year 2525, are these apes gonna change?

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