Oct 24, 2011

Bruno Torfs Art Garden

    This morning I received an E-mail from my friend with the presentation of an art gallery near the town Marysville, Victoria Australia. I enjoyed the artwork, the sculptures and the rainforest, and somehow I didn't realized it's almost all over, cause the great bushfire occurred on Feb, 7,2009.  After some investigation I find out that most of the sculptures have been destroyed. Some locals said more then 50% survived the hellfire, miracle or cause of the treatments given to the materials.
The Rainforest Art Gallery - Bruno Torfs
Prior the Bushfire 

After the fire.

Now Bruno and his team are restoring the garden which is now re-opened to the public.The gallery is near completion. all Bruno needs now is lots of visitors!
God Bless that Garden, please skip Art Galleries on the next hellfire.
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