Oct 14, 2011

Job Interview Goes Wrong

   Just after the great war, Hans and Kurt emigrate from Berlin to New York. Both didn't understand English at all, but an old friend advise them, to look for signs with the word Jobs. As you know those years the economy sucks and the two young Germans were wandering the streets day after day, looking for a job. One day they see a sign Jobs Vacant. Hans told Kurt "go in, you are the smart guy, try to get a job for us"

Ten minutes later Kurt returns pissed off. "whats up? how was the job interview?" demands Hans
"I entered the room, two men and a woman, were sitting at the table, and they start asking me questions" replied Kurt. "well?" said Hans.
Kurt continued "the tall man ask me": "DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?" and I nodded twice.
The shorty told me "SHOW US YOUR HAND" I understand cause its similar to German Hand, so I showed my hand.
The tall continued "SHOW US YOUR FOOT" again I understand cause its similar to German Fuß (Fuss), so I showed my foot.
You do great said Hans, ALSO? (German)
Kurt proceeds, "then the woman asks "DO YOU SMOKE?" here I should be wrong......I opened the zipper and show them my schmuck!

Job Interview - Funny

That's how a job interview should looks

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