Sep 30, 2011

Shortage of Toilet Paper

Uncle Thomas told me many stories, about the hard times in Russia after WW2.  Shortage of food, shortage of cigarettes and no toilet paper at all!! Cause every piece of paper in the country, was dedicated for printing books and newspapers. So the people used newspapers to wipe in their bum. Okay but what if you need to deliver some package at the restroom and you can't find any newspaper, cause you used it to smoke a cigarette made of your newspaper? then you must learn the basic lesson that each Russian learned it as a kid. using bus tickets, to wipe your bum. Okay here is your bus ticket, remember you should keep it in your pocket. 

To tell the true I searched the web several times for such a clip, and couldn't find it, so I decide to prepare it, but finally I found it right now so I share that old Vjoke with you.

Bus Ticket to wipe your bum.

Machorka Cigarettes - Made of cheap tobacco and cigarettes butts rolled up in newspaper. These Machorka cigarettes were popular in Poland and Russia During WW2 till the sixties.


Last Update - My friend sent me a great clip about a paperless world, so in order to save our rain forests we develop a new application for our Tablets and/ or our smartphones.
Wipe your butt virtually with our Google map, and wash it down using the Youtube.

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