Sep 16, 2011

The Robot Medic

   We were boozing last week, while Gordon complained "My right thumb really hurts, it's almost three months, I must see tomorrow my Orthopedic surgeon." Jeff advice , "O boy, don't spend good money on doctors. Try the new invention the Robot Medic,  check in any drug store, Simply put in a sample of your urine and the Robot will diagnose your case, and will advice you all about. It's only twenty bucks."

The next day Gordon drained his urine, he poured it in the sample and deposited the twenty bucks. In less then a minute the printer printed the results:
"Your problem is called Trigger Finger, put some cold stuff for few minutes on your hand and after ten minutes some hot stuff. repeat it twice a day for three weeks".
The New Robot

   At 18:00 we met Gordon at the pub, for our happy hour party. "How was the Robot Medic?" demanded Jeff. and Gordon told us all about. Then Jeff told us his story. "I had the same problem as Gordon so I tried to fool the machine, I mixed together urine samples from my wife and my twins and I masturbated into the sample portion . I poured in the sample and deposited the twenty bucks. The Robot analyzed the sample and the printer prints the results:
a. Your son is using drugs, you must put him in a rehabilitation clinic. 
b. Your wife is pregnant, she must cheating around, the baby isn't yours!!
c. cause your sperm is weak and can not fertilize!! 
d. if you don't stop jerking off, your Trigger Finger will never cure. 

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