Sep 18, 2011

A Macho Rooster

My uncle Thomas has a huge chicken coop in his farm. At the last bird flu epidemic, he lost a couple of hundred chickens and his black rooster. Uncle Thomas went to the other state to buy a new rooster. he was sniffing around and finally came to a small farm. He convinced the owner to sell him his biggest rooster for five grand.
Uncle Thomas took the rooster home, put him in front of the coop. He told him his duties and he gave the rooster a name Mister Schwartz (German - black).  "take it easy, Mr. Schwartz, take care on yourself cause you cost me a fortune"

Picture Source: bootbearwdc  and Animal Photos!

Mister Schwartz starts his job, immediately he treated each of the 90 hens one by one. Uncle Thomas was watching him and got worried, he calls the rooster explaining him "Mister Schwartz, slow down, take care if you are gonna to continue like that you are finished within a week" The rooster winked and went to treat the Turkeys. The day after the Ducks and the Geese came to complain about Mister Schwartz who is fucking each of the birds in the farm. Uncle Thomas called again the rooster telling him to slow down cause he needs him for long term service. "Take it easy, leave all the birds of the farm, your job are the chickens only, relax  you cost me a fortune"

On his third day Mister Schwartz screwed the dogs, the cats and the sheep too. all the animals of the farm bolt away from the  rooster, but he didn't rest for a moment, he nailed them one by one. once again uncle Thomas warn the rooster "Take it easy, stop fucking, leave all the birds and the animals  alone, you just treat the chickens, you cost me a fortune"

The next day at noon, uncle Thomas returned home and suddenly saw his rooster looks dead and a huge vulture circling overhead. uncle Thomas got closer to the rooster and says, "Oh, Mister Schwartz, I told you to slow down, now I am gonna to bury my five grand." The rooster suddenly winked to uncle Thomas, "please go away, I am waiting here cause I must screw the vulture ."

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