Sep 17, 2011

My VJOKES Collection

Here are my top ten vjokes (visual jokes) for warming up, I am searching for more stuff, so see you around. If you have any suggestions please let me know, just e-mail or pass a comment.
1. Calvados please - the cream of the vjokes.

2. The Amish Go to Town, punch line "Son go bring Mom"

3. Cell Phones 4.0-G - punch line "I am receiving a FAX"

4. The Queue at the Sperm Bank
5. Sperm Bank Secrets - Life Sucks, have a pint!
6. The Nut Cracker - punch line "my eyes aren't as used to be"
7. Can't Stop Laughing

8. The Blind man needs to pee - prank
9. Great Family - Help him with the condoms
10. Mr Bean - Taking the stairs

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