Aug 30, 2011

Our Mistress

   Charles and Vivian, a very nice looking couple in their early 60s, went out for dinner after the opera one night not long ago.  Charles was a very rich and powerful man, a CEO of a well known publicly traded company.  He was well connected politically and he had traveled all over the world and made contacts everywhere.  As Charles and Vivian were discussing the finer points of the opera they had just seen, a beautiful young woman stopped at their table and kissed Charles on the head and said, "I'll see you later, Charley" and dashed away with a big, flirtatious smile.
   Vivian was somewhat taken aback and asked Charles who that was. Charles very  straightforwardly answered that she was his mistress. Vivian was outraged and after making sure that Charles was not joking she flew into a tirade. She theatened that she would sue for divorce, she said she would take him for everything he had and she'd make his life miserable.

   Charles responded very calmly. "Vivian', he said, "you do recall that all the stocks as  well as the house are in my name, don't you?  And you do recall that I and not you are the CEO of the company and if you do start a divorce I will take away your unlimited credit cards and the private plane as well as the yacht and the limousine and you will have no shopping sprees in Paris nor trips into Manhattan with your friends, no parties at the best restaurants, no furs and jewels or nights at the opera".

   Just then Vivian looked across the room and saw one of their best friends, Anthony, sitting at a table and drinking champagne with another young and quite beautiful woman.  "Who is Anthony sitting with over there", asked Vivian, desperate to change the subject.  Charles answered, "That's Anthony's mistress".

Vivian thought very deeply for a minute and then said to Charles, "OUR mistress is much prettier than Anthony's mistress".
Look what will happen if you are not a CEO, see it till the end!!

To my opinion his wife is much more attractive, eh?

** In honor to my best friend Moishe - LEH who is the greatest story tellers among the lawyers and the greatest lawyer among all story tellers.

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