Aug 26, 2011

Gordon's RoboBar

   My good friend, Gordon, opened a new place - a Hi Tech bar.  He acquired and assigned a special robot as a barman. The robot was very skilled and could prepare any kind of drink that any customer could name, no matter how exotic or odd.  The robot was also guaranteed as a superb linguist and conversationalist.

   When Gordon called me last week to come for a drink at his bar I couldn't refuse. I entered the bar and ordered a Mai Tai. The robot started to prepare the cocktail and asked me "Sir, what's your IQ?" I gazed at him for a moment and replied "probably over 145" "Sir, here is your drink".  We than started discussing various philosophic issues and continued until the next customer arrived.
   The robot moved to that customer and asked, "Sir, what will you have?" The guy says, "For me only a Black Russian". Again, the robot prepared the cocktail, gave it to the customer and asked, "What's your IQ?" The guy says, "I'm a U.S. Marine pilot so my I.Q. must be over 125." The barman then struck up a conversation with the pilot about the shitty stock market and the bad economy.  This made me very curious about how it all worked so I decided to leave the bar and return after a hour.
    The robot did not recognize me and instead asked, "Sir, what will you drink?" I scratched my head and asked "A shandy please." The robot then asked, "What's your IQ?" I looked around and whispered "er, er, uh ah..... 70" The robot leaned in real close and said to me, "Dude ... please......don't vote next time for Obama, enough is enough.  Do you get it"

p.s.(*) IQ is declining, idiots are bringing more and more duplicates.
p.s.(**) Please visit my other bar in Paris and order CALVADOS
Robot solves Rubics Cube

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