Aug 14, 2011

A Cheerful Fart

   Three famous doctors were walking in the street, An old man walking ahead of them, caught their attention. The old man walking oddly, his body was bent forward with his feet apart. This unusual walk caught the attention of the trio of doctors and challenged them to give a diagnosis.
Dr. Baker the thoracic surgeon: "It is clear that the old man has a hernia and will require surgery"
Dr. Campbell the Colorectal surgeon: "No, this is not a hernia, it is  most certainly a case of severe hemorrhoids ."
The third doctor, Dr. Dong the Orthopedist said: "No, this is not a hernia, nor is it hemorrhoids.  The old man is suffering from lumbago ".

Since all three gave different diagnoses, it became very important to each of them to prove to his friends that he has the correct diagnosis.Having no choice, the doctors increased their pace, caught up with the old man and  explained their situation to him:"Sir, we are three famous doctors and we tried to diagnose  your problem. Dr. Baker says that you have a hernia, Dr. Campbell says - hemorrhoids and Dr. Dong says - lumbago". "We need to learn from you what is your problem; why are you walking  like a duck".
The old man responded "Dear Doctors, none of you have correctly diagnosed my condition.  In fact, I also misdiagnosed my situation"Its not a hernia nor is it lumbago and it is also not hemorrhoids". Please be aware that my diagnosis was the worst of all, I was sure I needed to fart, but in the end I wound up  shitting my pants"
What can I say, my friends "from an old ass never expect to get a cheerful fart"

Candid Cam - Old Man farting

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