Feb 6, 2011

You get what you Pay

     Uncle Tomas used always to say "for me the best and forget the rest" and "you get what you pay", everyone came to uncle Tomas to take his advise when purchasing homes, cars, furniture etc. another smart phrase he use to teach me about home economy "The miser's always will pay much more". One day his best friend Brad came over, asking his advise about which binocular to purchase a Zeiss or a Chinese. "Well, well Brad my friend, for me the best and forget the rest, purchase a Zeiss Binocular" recommended Uncle Tomas. "But the Zeiss is ten times more expensive then the Chinese" said Brad. "The Zeiss is the best purchase for you, believe me" replied Uncle Tomas.
    The next week Brad called Uncle Tomas, and informed him, he had purchased a Chinese Binocular, despite his advise. Brad continued: "you know I find it to be an excellent product, yesterday I watched your home and you were kissing a blond lady, and your wife has red hair?" Uncle Tomas replied "Oh poor Brad, If you would use the Zeiss Binocular you would see that’s your sister Betty"

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