Feb 19, 2011

Duck Dance

    A few years ago a Chinese circus traveled throughout Pakistan. One evening after the shows Chung the circus manager went to a Tea House in Karachi. At the table next to him, six men were sitting chatting and drinking tea, then one of them called the bartender "Bring us the duck please"
  Chung was watching how the fat Duck danced on top of a pot. Chung went to the bartender "I want to buy your duck." The bartender resisted "My Duck is my core business". After a long bargaining Chung bought the duck for 1234 bucks. The next evening Chung came back into the Tea house shouting on the bartender "your fucking duck didn't wants to dance, he didn't moves an inch" the bartender asked Calmly "Did you light the candles in the pot?"
 How bears learn to dance? on a hot sheet?

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