Feb 8, 2011

Only One inch

    Tom was my Grandpa's partner in college, both studied Civil Engineering and worked in the same design office for six years. Tom was always an expert in sucking up his teachers, managers, so after only three years he became a chief designer, in charge of a ten million bucks Bridge project. He made an error of one inch in the design, so after the bridge was opened to the public, the bridge collapsed. The day after Tom was sent home with his wage, and his manager advised him to change his occupation, because no one would agree to hire him for engineering jobs.
    Tom looked around and decided to establish a pharmacy. The next day as he opened his pharmacy, his first customer was a pretty woman, the woman looked as she is suffering of great pains. She hesitated for a moment, so Tom handed her a pack of tampons and a "painkiller drug", saying to her "That will solve your problem". "Oh no, I need an Enema kit" said the woman. "Oh boy, once again I made a mistake of one inch " cried Tom.  
The Tacoma Bridge collapsed not because of "the one inch error" learn more about.
 p.s.Learn some details about that impressive phenomenon on Tacoma Narrows Bridge (1940)

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