Feb 23, 2011

Readers Corner

    The riots which burst out in the Arab Countries Libya, Egypt, actually started in Greece, moved to France and then to Tunisia. The main incentive that leads the crowd is rage. That's the reason for my recommendation for reading this novel. The Crowd really does not care, about their regime, they understand that the next regime may be worse (I like calling it replacing a mule by a donkey). The young people which participate the demonstrations are eager to fight against the Police and the Army, the insight of most teenager is desire for chaos. Non violent demonstrations, are not for young people, their parents maybe will participate non violent resist, the young people nature is resisting the world order. I believe that anarchist elements are lighting the riots, just to resist the authorities. Most of the crowd is not going to gain anything after wards, they crowded the streets because of the herd phenomenon. The crowd will continue struggling the raising prices, unemployment and boring life. According to my opinion the core message (rage and frustration) of the novel Fight Club is similar of what the crowd feels.

    I read the book first and then I saw the film Fight Club (starring Brad Pitt), the film began as a financial failure but right after Sep11,2001 it became a cult Film. With the first news at that awful morning Sep11,2001 at first I thought "here are the results of the Anarchists hidden cells". And I thought about Fight Club motifs. Maybe we are lucky Al-Qa`eda was responsible for these attacks and not the Anarchists!!!. I recommend to watch first the Film, and after to read the book.
p.s If you are under 29 years old, buy also a Punching Bag, and release  your revolutionary spirit and or Anarchist ideas into energy punching the bag. Riots are not made for geeks.

Fight Club Trailer

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