Feb 4, 2011

Where is your Willy?

      Bobby the Police Officer is always hiding behind the newspaper booth. He is ambushing for the pedestrians crossing a red light. I watched him yesterday, while he was grabbing a pedestrian. "Your documents please" said the Policeman. "I left my wallet at the Tailor's Shop, across the street were I'm working for" said the pedestrian. Policeman: "Give me your identification" Pedestrian: "Willy Taylor, 2800 Baker St, ID x…..x" The Policeman filled a report and told Willy he must pay a 50 dollar fine immediately, or to go with him to the police station.
     "Sir" said Willy to the PO: "please give me five minutes I will cross the street to the Tailor's shop, pick up my wallet and return with the money". The officer agreed, maybe because Willy looks very honorable. I stood and watched the scene, and I didn't understand how the officer let him bolt. We were waiting maybe ten minutes, then the Policeman crossed the street (I followed him), walked into the Tailor's shop, glanced around and then asked the Tailor "Where is your Willy?" "Peacefully in my pants" replied the tailor.  

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