May 6, 2013

You Can Always Cheat Your Polish Husband

You do not need to understand Polish or Czech to get the punchline of that VJOKE.
The husband returned home and meet Janek naked on his balcony.

After Janek bolts the dickhead got the idea "Janek was screwing my wife".
If you like it please send it to all your Polish friends - LOL.

Anyway now you may love reading another funny story about another horny husband which find his wife Dee cheating and act very quick and bold.

Abe comes home from work early because he's convinced that his wife Dee is having an affair and he wants to catch her in flagrante delicto.  So he tears through the apartment way up on the 10th floor of a luxury apartment building.  Dee chases him around the apartment shouting at him "have you lost your mind, are you crazy, what kind of woman do you think I am etc etc."  Abe finds no one in the closets, under the beds, in the shower etc. read more

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