May 20, 2013

Car Drives Into Store

 One night Bobby returns very late from his office. Dee his wife well comed him with a sexy dress and a glass of wine. she turned on the music and start dancing a great belly dance.

Bobby sits on the sofa while Dee smeared about him. Bobby became hot, but then Dee asked him "did you ever saw a wrinkled 50 bucks bill?" Bobby nodded. Dee then draw a wrinkled 50 bucks bill from her bra. Dee continued with the dance and then asked "did you ever saw a wrinkled 100 bucks bill?" again Bobby nodded. so Dee starts giving him a hand job and draw from her pants the most wrinkled 100 bucks bill you ever imagine.
Dee now start taking off her dress and asks "Bobby do you want to see 30,000 bucks wrinkled?" Now off course Bobby got horny cause Dee was naked and he tried to imagine where the hell is the dough hiding.
Now Dee told him "they are in front of the seven eleven on Market street".

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