Jun 21, 2011

Our Cute Kids

   Yesterday I saw a hilarious movie Small Change by François Truffautit  is a comedy with a serious message, based around the daily lives of young children in a small town in France.  One of the thrilling Scenes brings us a cute baby and a cat playing on an open windowsill, on the nine floor, falling all the way down like a doll. You will enjoy many scenes about school life which will remind you about your school days. Yet throughout this the difficulties and responsibilities faced by children appear, including the ongoing story of a boy's experience of an abusive home. Truffaut gives a message of resilience in the face of injustice, vocalized through one of the teachers. The story ends with a message of hope, the school closing for the summer vacation, and one of the key characters finding his first love at a summer camp. Most of the characters were not professional actors. The cute baby Gregory acting here in two great scenes reminds me The Kid (Jackie Coogan) of Charlie Chaplin which was acted by a five years old boy performing his job excellent.

The Scene of the miracle - The baby is playing on an open window.

The Baby and his Mom.

Trailer "L'argent de poche" - "Small Change"

The Kid - Charlie Chaplin, The Glazier Scene.

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