Jun 12, 2011

Little Ned

   One of my best friends introduce me with the article about Ned Nefer strange story.
Source   Ned Nefer, 38yr old New York man married to a mannequin. Ned Nefer is a one-woman man - even if that woman is made entirely of wood. Nefer, 38, says he's married to a mannequin named Teagan, and the kooky couple is traveling 70 miles from Syracuse to Watertown on foot, the Watertown Daily Times reported.

   Or at least Nefer is walking. The Syracuse native is pushing his 6-foot wooden wife in a wheelchair across upstate New York. "This is definitely one of the oddest things I've come across, but he seems very happy," said Lisa Spear, principal social welfare examiner for the Jefferson County Department of Social Services. "I wouldn't classify him as dangerous at all," she told the newspaper after meeting with Nefer. "He seemed quite happy in his own little world." Now maybe in another nine months she will give birth to a new Pinocchio?
    That's remind me the story about Little Pinks who pushed his cripple bride from NYC to Miami all the way down in a wheel-chair. That hilarious short story was written by Damon Runyon in The Big Street (1942) 

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