Jun 19, 2011

The New Consultant

    Lady Dee a widdow on our block owned a "cinamon" tomcat.  He was big and mean and had a dingle dangle that, on a cat, at least, was not to be believed.  In the mating season, everywhere this tomcat went, the tabbies were sure to be following close behind.  Every night our neighborhood was under siege with the worst cacophony of cat screams and howls that you could imagine and, based on what I've told you already, you might indeed be able to imagine.

    Well, Lady Dee realized she had to do something about it, one day she did just that. She took her tomcat to the vet for solving our problem. Our neighborhood settled into a long period of quiet late at night and we all slept the sleep of the just, quiet and undisturbed. Lo and behold, however, one night the screaming and the howling resumed.  We soon saw that now the cinamon tomcat was at the center of attention of the local TOMCATS!  We couldn't figure it out so we asked Lady Dee:  "Didn't you "fix" him".  "Yes I did", she answered.  "So why is there so much screaming at night", we asked.  "Now he's acting as a sex consultant to the other cats".

   In honor to my best friend Moishe - LEH who is the greatest story tellers among the lawyers and one of the greatest lawyers I ever met.

But lets enjoy Rossini's "Cats Duet"

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  1. Love cats, and love your blog. I'll have to visit when I get the chance!