Jun 25, 2011

Coffee or Tea

    Franky the yuppy was very proud of himself he had today, a lucky day with his Forex business, he made almost one million bucks profit. Suddenly went into his office an old man with a small jar. The old man offers him to buy the goldfish in the jar for one million bucks. "You're crazy!", Laughed Franky, "one million bucks in exchange for a small fish in a jar?" "It's not just a fish, its the goldfish from the fairy tales" replied the old man.
   The old man shook the jar and the goldfish stood on his tail and said: "Yes sir, what's your order" "Bring us two cups of coffee," said the old man, in less than a second, two cups of steaming coffee landed on the desk.
Franky became greedy and faster than light he gave the old man a briefcase with the dough, in exchange for the golden fish. after the old man left he shook the jar and the goldfish stands up on his tail and say: "Yes sir, what do you want?" Franky ordered him "I want my million bucks back and a 200ft yacht and stunningly beautiful blonde girl"
"Sorry," replied the goldfish, "All I do is just tea or coffee ..."

Mr Bean's Goldfish

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